Power Point Presentation

The word presentation means preasanting sonthing. We see a speaker explaining the topic of discussion in front of the audience in different places such as discussion circles, seminars, exhibitions, classrooms etc. It is often seen that the speaker presents his speech with the help of text, pictures, tables, graphs etc. to attract the attention of the audience. A slide is prepared with the help of such texts, pictures, tables or graphs.

The speaker presents his speech in accordance with this slide. In this case overhead projector is used. Presently, with the help of text, pictures, tables or graphs in PowerPoint application software, such presentations can be made in a beautiful and attractive way. We can add sound as needed. We create slide presentations by animating these texts, images, tables or graphs in different ways. Images, text, sound, music, animation etc. stored in the computer are used in this slide presentation.

How to Run PowerPoint Software ?

  • Follow the steps below to run PowerPoint software :
  • First Click on the Start button of the desktop window.
  • Then click the mouse in the Program option under the Start menu.
  • Then click the mouse mouse in the Microsoft Office System Folder under the Programs menu.
  • After that, when the mouse clicks on Microsoft Office Power Point 2003 text, the Power Point software opens.

Introduction to different parts of Power Point window: :

  1. Title Bar

The title bar is located at the top of the screen. To the left of this bar is the PowerPoint software and file name. To its right are the Minimize, Restore and Close control buttons.

  1. Menu Bar

The menubar is below the title bar. The nine menus on the Power Point menu bar are— File, Edit, View, Insert, Format Tools, Slide Show, Window 3 Help |

  1. Standard Toolbar

The buttons that are present in the standard toolbar are New, Open, Print, Save, Copy, Cut, Paste etc.

4. Formatting Toolbar

The next toolbar after the standard toolbar is the formatting toolbar. This toolbar is used for formatting (changing font, changing font size, etc.) text or word etc.

  1. Slide Pane

PowerPoint slides are created in the Slide Pen section. Presentations are made with the help of text, images, clip art etc. on slides. They can be made moving with animations.

6. Outline Pane

The long, narrow area that appears on the left side of the Power Point Window screen is called the Outline Pen. When creating different slides, they can be viewed in this slide tab. Among the multiple slides displayed in this section, the sequence (Inter Change) i.e. the position of the slides can be changed and by clicking on any slide in this section, the texts of that slide can be seen in the slide pane. If necessary, any slide can be inserted and deleted from this section.

  1. Notes Pane

The rectangular box below the slide pen is called the notes pen. Any comments about what is shown on the slide can be written here.

8. Task Pane

The Task Pane is located on the right side of the PowerPoint window. Applying various commands from the Menu Bar causes various Dialog Boxes to appear in the Task Pane to complete them.

  1. Place Holder

The slide pen has a number of spaces marked by dotted lines that read Click to add title, Click to add text, etc. These dotted lines are called place holders. These sections contain space for placing text, charts, tables, organization charts, etc.

  1. View Button

At the bottom left of the Notes pane are three buttons called View buttons.

These are :- Normal View, Slide Sorter View and Slide Show View. We can reach that view only by clicking on the button.

A. Normal View

This is the view we see after launching PowerPoint. We can do slide making, slide formatting and editing in this view.

B. Slide Sorter View

Click this view button to view all the slides used in the presentation together.

C. Slide Show View

After creating all the slides and adding animations, sounds etc., click on this view button to see the presentation of the slides.

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