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Word Processing: Introduction, Creating, Editing, Formatting, Spell Checking & Grammar, Use of Thesaurus, Cut, Copy and Paste, Changing color, Size, Font, Type and Alignment, Saving Documents, Printing.

Microsoft Word is an essential word processing software. Word processor software is used to create various types of documents (documents) or reports (reports) on the computer. Microsoft Word is one of the most important application packages of Microsoft Office.

Features of Microsoft Word :

Microsoft Word has the facility to work with graphics or images, with the help of which you can create beautiful documents or reports.

The variety of documents or reports can be increased by easily communicating with any other application window. We use notebook and pen to prepare any document or report. Microsoft Word does not require this notebook or pen. We will see a blank page when we open the word. Here you need to take the help of keyboard to write something. With the help of the keyboard, documents with different letters and special characters can be created. Another advantage of Word is that when a page is finished, the next page opens automatically and the document can be stored as a file on the computer hard disk for a long time. Later, if necessary, the document can be opened and made special changes.

When writing any information in Word, you can start by leaving some allowances on the top-bottom and right-left sides of the page. Also, more than normal spaces can be written between multiple lines.

In addition, the facility of using different types or designs of fonts, coloring a text, italics, bold, underline, table creation, mailmerge can be done and the document can be arranged beautifully. This software is widely used to create documents in various organizations, schools, colleges, universities. A more detailed discussion of this software is given in –

If MS-Office software is loaded on the computer, the application software in MS-Office, such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access can be opened and worked on. Each application has its own icon and the name of the application is written below the icon. For example, in the case of WORD, the icon looks like the image below. Icons look different depending on the version.

How to open the WORD application ?

First, click on the START button at the bottom of the screen to see a list.

If you come to Programs in that list and click again with the mouse pointer, the other belongs to Programs

A list will open. In this list, within a system folder of Microsoft Office where the text Microsoft Office Word 2003 can be seen, moving the mouse pointer and clicking once will open the Word application on the monitor screen. Notice the picture below.

Alternative methods :

Even if you double click on the Microsoft Word icon on the Windows desktop with the WW mouse pointer, the application can be seen on the screen. Proficiency in using Microsoft Word

This application software can be used to edit the typed words very easily and in less time.

If correction is needed, only a few words can be corrected without retyping the entire report (Document). necessary, Saves effort and time.

Spelling mistakes are seen immediately while writing words so spelling mistakes are less. Even if a word is deleted, that word can be restored immediately.

To find a specific word in a report with the help of Searching that word can be found.

Different parts of the MS Word window

After playing the word application we will see the image given below. A window in N-S Word consists of several parts. Eg – Title Bar, Menu Bar, Toolbar, Ruler, Scroll Button, View Button, Status Bar, Task Pane etc.

(1) Title bar

Document 1 Microsoft Word is written on the left side of the top line of this image and on the right side. Three control boxes are visible Minimize, Restore and Close control boxes respectively. This bar is called Title Bar.

(2) Menu bar

It is located below the title bar. Word has a total of nine menus such as—File, Edit, View Insert, Format. Tools, Table, Window, Help can be seen. Clicking on any menu opens the menus and displays various instructions. Each menu in the menubar opens downwards, so they are called drop-down menus.

(3) Tool Bar :

In Word we see multiple toolbars. In addition to the menubar, various tasks can also be done with the Toolbar. Various commands are located on toolbars as buttons. After launching M-Word, some special toolbars appear on the screen. If any other toolbar needs to be brought to the screen, the required tool can be brought up by clicking on Toolbar in the View menu. Some important toolbar functions are mentioned.

(a) Standard Toolbar (Standard Toolbar): This toolbar is usually seen below the menu bar. Buttons to create new file, open old file, save, print, any text cut, copy, paste are present in this toolbar.

(b) Formatting Toolbar (Formatting Toolbar): Buttons for text formatting instructions. For example – Font, Font Size, Alignment, Font Color, Border Bullets, Numbering, Line Spacing etc buttons are in this toolbar.

(c) Drawing Toolbar (Drawing Toolbar): This toolbar is located below the text area. With the help of this toolbar, you can draw different shapes like rectangle, square, oval, circle etc. in Word. Also those images can be filled with color, various effects can be given.

(4) Ruler Bar

There are two types of rulers seen in Ward. Namely – vertical and horizontal. The horizontal ruler is at the top of the text area and the vertical ruler is at the side of the text area. The horizontal ruler can be used to increase or decrease the left and right margins of a page, and to set tabs and events. On the other hand, the top (top) and bottom (bottom) margins of the page can be reduced or increased with the help of vertical margins.

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