How to Create a New Slide in PowerPoint

To create a new slide at PowerPoint, the new presentation dialog box in the task pen when you first click on the File menu new option.

This dialog box is seen in many slide -making options. They are

Blank presentation

This option creates a slide completely empty. We can create a presentation by adding text, pictures, etc. to that slight of our choice. They can also be formatted if needed.

From the design template

Design Template is designed by some sample slides made by different colors and images. Presentation Can be made.

From Auto Content Wizard

This option helps to make slides on a particular topic. For example, related to any business or company.

From existing presentation

A slide already made on a particular subject. This slide can be used only when working on that topic. It can edit the articles.

Different steps to create slides :

  1. Click the mouse on Blank Presentation in the PowerPoint Windor Task Pen. This will show the slide layout dialog box on the task.
  2. Then click on any layout from the slide layout.
  3. Suppose the title and content lay outs are preferred, it contains two parts of the slide that gets:

a) Click to add title (click to ad title)

b) Click icon to add content

  1. Then the word tiger is a national animal is written in the click to add title section.
  2. Then click the Insert ClipArt icon [8] in the Click icon to add content section to bring up the Select Picture dialog box. Select any desired image from this dialog box and click the OK button below to insert that image into the slide.

To save a presentation to a computer disk, follow the steps below. Clicking the Save As.. option of the File menu will bring up the SaveAs.. dialog box on the screen. . Or, press the Ctrl+S key on the keyboard. Click the Save As.. dialog box’s Save in list box to save the file to the specified folder

After that, write any name in the File Name text box below that dialog box (say, Tiger) and click on the Save button next to it, the file will be saved in the specified folder on the disk.

Remember: (ppt) extension (secondary name) is automatically appended to a file in PowerPoint presentation when it is mounted on disk. Let’s say a file named Tiger is saved to disk as Tiger.ppt.

How to insert a new slide:

After creating the first slide, to create the second slide, a new slide is created by clicking the mouse on the Insert New Slide option in the menu bar.

Different types of formatting of pages

By adding different types of background designs (colors, textures, patterns, images) to the slides, the slides can be formatted beautifully. Each of these options is under the Format menu.

Different types of effects in the background

To add color to the background of the slide, first click on the Background option under the Format menu.

There, if you click the mouse on the Background Fill box, click any color from the color palette that appears and click the Apply button, the background of the slide will become that color.

Design Templates

Clicking the mouse on SlideDesign under the Format menu will display the Slide Design dialog box in the task pane. Various templates come in this box. If you click the mouse here, the slide should look like that Templates.

Fill Effects :

If you click the mouse on the Fill Effects option from the background dialog box, the Fill Effects dialog box appears. Here the Gradient, Texture, Pattern and Picture buttons are visible.

The Gradient button lets you lighten or darken a mixture of multiple colors. Texture and Pattern buttons for different Texture and Pattern slides

Background can be added. By clicking on the picture button, different types of images are displayed in the background of the child can be added.

Inserting Clipart

Making the presentation interesting and engaging with multiple pictures or images on different topics through clip art on the slides used in PowerPoint presentations. goes A variety of images or images can be added from clip art to a snide by following the steps below.

  1. First, if you click on Slide Layout in the Format menu, different Slide Layouts will be displayed in the Task Pane.
  2. In that section click on any Layout where ClipArt can be added from Other Layout.
  3. Then double click on the specific place holder (Place Holder) for the clip art.
  4. Then the Select Picture dialog box will appear on the screen. Click on the desired image from the displayed image in this dialog box.
  5. Then click the OK button at the bottom of the dialog box. This will add the specified image to the specified place holder for the clip art and the Select Picture dialog box will disappear.

Change the shape of clip art

After inserting a picture or image from clip art in PowerPoint, the image or picture can be resized as desired. After the clip art is inserted, a total of eight small round balls can be seen around the clip art. Hovering the mouse pointer over these spherical balls turns the mouse pointer into a double-headed arrow (→ 1). In this condition, holding down the left mouse button and dragging outwards will make the image larger and dragging inwards will make the image smaller.

Slide Transition

When showing a slide show in a PowerPoint presentation, various animation effects can be applied to each slide while moving from one slide to the next (ie the end of one slide and the beginning of another). They are called Slide Transition. Below is the procedure for animation by applying slide transitions.

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