Grace of the saint

Kunal is very upset. I don’t know what to do now. What he went to do, he failed. He did not like to study, so the secondary examination was not given. Father said, to do business. Kunal bought a house for a shop in the market. Tried a lot over the years. Business could not accumulate. At the end, the potato business also started. Selling potatoes on loan, the debt increased a lot. Now that shop is also closed.

Seeing Kunal upset, one friend Shyamal said, don’t show your hand to anyone now. If you know the future, you will move on that path. Who will go to? I don’t know anyone like that.

That evening Shyamal came to Kunal’s house. He said, I found someone. He can see good hands. Does not take much money. Only ten rupees. Many people are going there. You should go a little early in the morning to avoid the crowds.

Where to go?

not far away We are just two stations away from here. They will go tomorrow morning. Shyamal comes to Kunal’s house. Then the two will go out together.

Arrived at the station and heard that the train was not running. If you arrive a little earlier, the earlier train

could catch No one can say when the train will start running again. Kunal said, see how bad my forehead is. To rub the forehead with jhama will be

You are not so broken. Why didn’t you go today? I will go tomorrow. I will come tomorrow and see that the train is not running.

Why will the train stop running every day? Tomorrow anyway, we go. They returned home. Kunal’s father said, what did he say when he saw the hand? We didn’t go today. The train is not running. I will go tomorrow.

The next day they arrived on time. Only a few came then. They are all local people. He who sees the hand, sees him as a saint. Wearing other color Punjabi and dhoti. He sat on a seat. The seat is quite expensive.

He saw Kunal well. Then he said, I see your hand. Kunal raised his hand. He frowned at the crooked lines of his hands. Suddenly he said, I see your left hand.

Putting his right and left hands side by side, he said, what I thought was right. Your business is not right. Should have studied.

I did not like studying at all.

Did not like? Your hands say, if you study, you could be much bigger. You’ve ruined yourself.

Shyamal said, what has happened. Now tell me what he should do. Now his time is going very badly. It will take a couple of years to cut it. He should not do anything in between. Even if you do, you can’t do anything.

So he will spend two years lying down?

I’m not saying that. The planet’s fault can be removed. But he has to wear five rings on five fingers of right hand. I will give five stones. Must be tied with silver.

Kunal said, I can’t spend so much.

The cost is not high. Only five thousand and ten rupees. The price of five thousand and five stones, and ten rupees is my Dakshina.

Kunal can’t pay now. After hearing that, he said, “You don’t have to pay today.” The day you can bring money to buy stones. But today I have to pay ten rupees.

Kunal went to that saint with the hope that Kapal would be fine. Bought five stones. Kunal said, if I wear the ring, will I get results?

Of course you will. My words never lie.

No five rings on Kunal’s five fingers. Sometimes I am surprised. Five small stones can change the forehead?

Kunal’s day is passing. No more bad times. Even if you think about studying, it is not possible to do it now. It’s been a long time.

The store has reopened. Sells Cigarettes-Bidi-Deshlai, Chanachur, Lozenges, Bread. But not many people come to his shop to buy these things. Sits quietly and yawns frequently.

Six months have passed. Nothing happened to Kunal. He said to Shyamal, you said to go to him. I went So much money was spent. But the forehead

did not change
Your forehead is really bad. Even after so many rings, no result? Kunal alone went to that saint one day. Seeing him, the saint trembled a little. He said, why did you come to me again?

to show hands

I saw your hand once. And I have nothing to do. I spent so much money. It didn’t work. And you have nothing to do? You cheat people, and I leave you?

I did not deceive you at all. Bad times are going on all over the country, it’s your time

What will go well?

Many of those who came to show their hands left. Sadhu was very angry. Kunal said, from now on your time will be very bad.


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